Randy’s Lamborghini-3

Randy turned off the engine, let it go quiet. Took a deep breath, let it out. “I thought the car today was my lawyer’s, or someone he’d sent. I talked to him yesterday, but he likes to drop by unannounced. So that’s why I got in without thinking about it. Before I realized it wasn’t him, we’d pulled away from the curb and were moving through traffic.”
Now we were back to the purpose. “How many men were there?” I asked. Every detail I could get about these people could be useful. It could mean life or death. I knew now which side Randy had chosen.

“Just one, and the driver. He was wearing a dark suit. It looked expensive, but I don’t know much about clothes, as you probably noticed.”

I shrugged, no longer wanting to postpone the conversation. He couldn’t drive and talk, I could tell it was too distracting. I didn’t want to sit still. Besides we were in a lamborghini. “Can I drive?”

He looked over in surprise. “It’s not easy to drive a car like this. It’s not like a Civic.”

“I know,” I said. I opened the door, stepped out. He did the same, still reluctant. I climbed behind the wheel, felt the power flowing into my hands. I smiled. It felt good.

“Careful,” he said, pulling the passenger side door shut. “It’s touchier than a normal car. Just take it easy.”

I’d show him “take it easy”. I’d show him how this car was supposed to be driven. He’d be a new person after I drove his lamborghini. I gunned it. He sat back in his seat looking terrified. My smile just got bigger. We sped down the mountain, feeling each curve, feeling the power beneath us. The pull of the G-force was like a drug, and I wanted more. I wanted speed. Slowly, Randy’s looked changed from terror, to amazement. As we approached the freeway again he said, “You’ve driven a car like this before.”

I got on the freeway going east again. It was time to leave the world behind. “Tell me what happened.”

As we raced away from the city lights and into the dark desert night, Randy told me his story.
Previous Chapter: Chapter 2

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