I Finished!

I finished! I finished writing The Darkest Hour. A whole, really long (translation too long?) novel that I’ve been publishing chapter by chapter on this blog. Don’t get too excited, I’m only about half way done posting the chapters. There is still plenty (too many?) chapters to come. And I have some major editing to do on the last couple parts, but today I finished writing the story. Tonight I re-read the last scene, which was the first one I wrote, and yes, I loved it just as much as when I wrote it. Is it terrible that I love my own writing and I don’t care if anyone else does? (Okay, I do care. I desperately want everyone else to like it too, but whether they do or not, I love it.)

It has taken me about a year and a half to write, and twice that to create, and tonight I finished. I am so excited! And a little sad, because I love my story. I love all of it even if it is too long. I will miss writing it. I will miss Rory. But since my mind never really stops imagining, I suppose I won’t be lonely for long. After all, I already know the first line of the sequel.

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1 Response to I Finished!

  1. Congratulations. Writing is just re-writing. Keep writing 🙂

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