Feeding the Wolves

WARNING: Guilty Pleasure Writing ahead. My favorite character, Elizabeth DiMaggio, is a movie star. She handles it like a pro. Her brother, Nate could do without the constant hounding from the press, but when you are a DiMaggio, it’s just something you have to put up with. 

“Miss DiMaggio, who designed that dress?” “Liz what did you do for your birthday?” “What is your favorite drink, Liz, now that you are old enough to drink?”  “Why did you choose not to attend Stanford, Miss DiMaggio?” “Miss DiMaggio, are the rumors true that you are dating Liam Hemsworth?”

Liz had stepped out of the restaurant with Nate, only 5 seconds before, but already they were being swarmed. Nate had done his job of alerting the paparazzi to their location well. Not a single question was addressed to him, which was just the way he liked it.

“Liz, what did you drink tonight? “Are the rumors true that you have dropped out of college to pursue a music career like your mother?” “Is it true that you recently put together a committee on running for senate?”

Liz smiled charmingly, held up a hand and waited a moment to speak. Like well trained dogs, the press shut up and all took one step forward, their big, happy eyes just waiting to be given a treat. She answered their questions quickly and in order. “This dress is from the design company Exceptions Guaranteed. For my birthday, I spent time with close friends. Just because I turned 21 doesn’t mean I have a favorite drink. I am still taking some online classes, and haven’t given up on college. I haven’t ever met Liam Hemsworth, so sorry to disappoint you, but we’re not together. Tonight, I had water, designated driver, you know. I am not planning on a music career now or anytime in the future. And make sure you check your facts, I still have 9 years before I’m old enough to run for the Senate.”

At the end of this monologue, Liz and Nate began walking down the street, flanked by the flashing cameras connected to their hungry masters. “Liz, I’d be willing to change the constitution so you could be a senator. Or president, like your dad.”

Liz laughed, loudly but sweetly, as other members of the press concurred, “I’m sure you would, Sean, but I have no intention of running for office. Ever.”

“Miss DiMaggio, it seems you haven’t enjoyed your newly gained privilege to drink alcohol.”

“Someone has to drive,” Liz teased, giving them a flirty smile and half a wink that was sure to make the front page of all the entertainment sites tomorrow morning. She looked flawless, her hair pulled up and curly, little black dress with stilettos and a matching clutch.

“Maybe Nate has his license by now?”

Nate, always the exact opposite of his sister when in public, just shrugged. She could hold them in the palm of her hand. He preferred to not be noticed. The paparazzi complied nicely.

“Come on Liz, don’t hold out on us? What’s the deal?” “Your 21 now, live a little?” “You can’t keep evading us forever, we never go away.”

Liz stopped abruptly, and turned her flirty smile directly on them. “Oh, I know you never go away,” she said in a way that made them all move closer to her. “My mother didn’t drink, and after marrying my mother, my father didn’t drink. They both had alcoholism in their families. You guys already know all this.”

“So does that mean you plan to stay away from alcohol too?”

“Yes, it does.” Liz turned and continued walking at her fast pace. They were almost to the car now.

“Miss DiMaggio, what about fun? You’ve got to let loose sometimes?”

Liz pulled out the keys to the car, and unlocked it with the remote. Nate reached the passenger side and slipped in without anyone giving him a second glance. Liz glided around the back of the car pulling the driver’s side door open. She then turned to face the last questioner. “LuAnne,” she said calling the reporter by name, “I’m surprised at you. Don’t you know that anyone with half a brain and a little imagination can let loose without the help of alcohol?” She slid into the car and pulled the door shut. The paparazzi were still there, but the sound was suddenly muted. Liz sighed.

From outside, someone said, “If you have half a brain? Then I guess Nathan will be the drinker in the family.” The others laughed. Clearly, the photographers thought the car was more insulted than it actually was, but then paparazzi were never known for considering their subject’s feelings.

“Don’t scowl, they can still see you, besides, you know I like it this way,” Nate said, slumping down in his seat.

Liz started the car, smiling again, as the cameras continued to flash. She honked a few times, winked a few more, and pulled out slowly, allowing them to jump out of the way before getting run down. Once they picked up some speed, she let the smile fade.

“Do you think they’ll be satisfied for now?” Liz asked.

“For them? They could always have more, Liz. You’re working on borrowed time. If someone recognizes you—”

“No one will.”

Nate sighed and tilted his head back against his seat. He hoped she was right, because if those wolves with cameras ever found out what she did instead of attending Stanford, well, let’s just say, someone would end up getting hurt.

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  1. I wanna know!!! I love the characters already, and am intrigued!

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