Don’t Forget Abby

Okay, so life has been crazy lately and I’ve had to cut back on my writing time for sanity’s sake, so today you get a pretty short post. This is a teaser for a story idea I have that is tied into the greater universe of my favorite character, Elizabeth DiMaggio. But it’s not about Liz, it’s about a roommate she has while in college. I have started writing it, but haven’t found the time to finish the story (novella length?) but hope to at some point. After reading the teaser, would you want to learn more about Abby’s story?


Abby’s first roommate is confident and ambitious with a tight circle of friends, a scholarship, and family rooting for her to succeed. Her second roommate is a movie star. Literally. She has an Oscar, for crying out loud. And then there’s Abby. With her thick AND short legs, Abby couldn’t have passed as a movie star on a single day of her life. If she has to read one more book about a poor protagonist that is too skinny or has hair that is too blond, she is seriously going to go on a book burning binge! (Roommate two is both too skinny and too blond, by-the-way.) Not only does she NOT have a life plan (roommate one) or a boyfriend (roommate two) she can’t even decide on a major and no boy has ever (literally, EVER) given her a second glance.

The worst part? Roommate one and two are perfect friends, always including their socially inept roommate (Abby’s words, they would never say something mean about her) in all their plans, keeping her company when she doesn’t have anyone else, and letting her cry on their (cashmere-clad!) shoulders. Why can’t she just have like, 1% of their perfectness? Would that really be too much to ask.

But Abby’s world is changing. (How can it not with a movie star roommate, really?) The question is whether Abby will recognize the changes and have the courage to jump in with two feet, or will she let them flow around her, stuck in the same old life she’s always had. She’s about to learn, that if you want a different life you have to make it yourself.

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