Teacher Candle Poem

Most of the time, poetry is not my chosen form of reading or writing. I know there are a whole set of rules and styles that come with writing poetry, and quite frankly they scare me to death, so I give it a wide berth. But every once in a while I write a poem anyway.

While cleaning out my kid’s toys (I got rid of 5 garbage bags of toys), I realized we had a lot of broken crayons. Not wanting to just toss them, I sorted out the old tiny pieces and saved them for some grand, although unknown, use.

Fortunately, Pinterest exists and has a million uses for old crayons, one of which is making candles. What a great Christmas present for teachers, I thought. Candles made of broken crayons. It’s cute and deep and also symbolic or something. Whatever, we decided to try it, and you can see the results below. I used a modified version of the instructions on Brit + Co to create my candles

My candle results. Festive right?

But after I made the candles, which definitely have a “homemade charm” to them, I thought, how are the teachers going to know these are deep, symbolic candles? I have to tell them! But I couldn’t just tell them. That would be weird. What I needed was a cutesy poem to do it for me. I assumed this would also be on Pinterest (every cutesy thing that has ever been created is on Pinterest), but I couldn’t find anything like it. So I decided to write it myself.

I’m well aware that I’m no poetic genius, but I was pretty pleased by the results. More pleased than I was with the candles, actually. Pleased enough to want to share my poem with you.

Every day ​
You take small hands ​
And teach them something new ​​

A B C’s  ​
And 1 2 3’s  ​
And that kindness matters too ​

Along the way  ​
Hands make mistakes ​
And crayons snap right in two ​​

But each broken color ​
Builds up another
Skill for those hands to do ​

​So those little hands ​
Have used the broken crayons ​
To make a candle for you ​

Cute right? But seriously, let me know what you think. And thanks to my husband for getting the creative juices flowing by pointing out the crayons and hands kind of rhyme.

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1 Response to Teacher Candle Poem

  1. Cool project, Ashley, and the poem is just right to go with it.

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