E.A. DiMaggio

Elizabeth Ann DiMaggio is my all time favorite character that I have ever created in my head. She is also ridiculously unrealistic, obnoxiously perfect in all the right ways, and perfectly flawed. She might be my alter-ego: everything that I am not, but wish I was (openly and secretly). I could never actually write Liz’s (she always goes by Liz when not in disguise) story because it would be way too complicated and weird and impossible. And WAY too long. I tried once. It was awful. Trust me.

However, since she is my favorite character, I sometimes need to write scenes from her life. Or even short stories. I thought I might as well make a place for them on this blog. Don’t expect anything on this page to be chronological. If you can’t even figure out why a particular post is on this page, go ahead and ask. It might not be apparent. As always let me know if you enjoy it. Thanks!


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