Ethan works alone. That’s his only request and considering his performance on past missions you’d think they’d honor it. But the partner they’ve saddled him with for this mission is hardly the top-level agent he’d asked for–no demanded– when they told him this was a mission for two.

True, the slim girl in the light pink blouse looks exactly like the new wife she is supposed to be. He won’t have to worry about their cover being blown. This girl exhales vulnerability with every single breath. But with lives and larges sums of money at stake, Ethan doesn’t need to be worryflash driveing about his vulnerable partner. And he certainly doesn’t need to be distracted by her many different smiles, and exceptional kissing ability.

He needs to figure out where the mysterious contest backers have hidden the information before anyone else can get to it, and this is turning into a race that may be above even Ethan’s skill level.



Day 1

1. Introductions

2. Target Practice

3. To Bed

Day 2

4. Three Words and a Shower

5. Watching the Winner

6. Writing on the Wall

Day 3

7. Go to the Light

8. X Marks the Spot

9. Fools Rush In

 Day 4

10. Alarms and Legs

11. Call me Buddha

12. Press OK to Proceed

13. It Wouldn’t be a Mission