Running Shoes & Orion’s Belt

running shoes

I am a runner. What are my qualifications for calling myself a runner? I am not fast. I am not a coach, and no one ever takes my running advice. I don’t win races. I don’t even do races. (Okay there are a few exceptions to that rule, but I regret most of them.) I do not run 50 miles at a time. I have never run a marathon. But I am a runner. I have been running for 17 years, nearly continuously, starting with high school cross country. I have run in 105 degree weather and I have run in 5 degree weather. I have run in sunshine, rain, snow, ice, hail, thunder, and brutal wind. I am a runner because I run. And run. And run. That is all it takes.

Sometimes funny things happen when I run. Sometimes tragic things happen. Sometimes I’m scared and sometimes euphoric. I decided it was time to write some of these things. The stories on this page are non-fiction. They really happened to me. Please enjoy and as always feedback is welcome.

Why Orion

First Run

Seven Laps

Miraculous Morning

Search for Lava


A Geologic Instant

My Dog For a Morning

O Words, Words, Wherefore Art Thou, Words?

The Next Appointment
(flash fiction inspired by a moment while I was running)



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